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Buying a used Nissan SUV, car, or truck can be stress-inducing, but it can also be a smart decision: the savings a used car can bring, as well as the peace of mind from Certified Pre-Owned Nissans, make buying a used car from Tonkin Wilsonville Nissan a great choice for Portland families.

Save Money, Not Just on the Sticker Price

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The most obvious benefit of buying a used car over a new model is the sticker price: even cars from last year can be up to 30% cheaper than their brand-new counterparts. However, a used car can save you in other areas that might not be so obvious as well.

For one thing, depreciation is much less a concern with used cars over new vehicles. It’s almost a cliché that as soon as you drive a new car off the lot, its value drops by about 15%. Depreciation continues on a new car until about the third year of ownership and totals up to 30% or more of the original value until it finally levels out. By buying a used car, you’re essentially letting someone else take that loss in value for you! You’ll be able to recoup much more of your purchase price when you decide to trade in or trade-up your used Nissan.

In addition, since your down payment will be more of the principal on your used car loan, you’ll get a better rate and pay less month-to-month on your car note. And you’ll be able to register and insure your used car for less than a new one!

Vehicle History Reports and Certified Pre-Owned for Peace of Mind

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The days of worrying whether you’d be stuck with a lemon are long over. The combination of vehicle history reports and the Nissan Certified Pre-Owned program gives you the peace of mind you need when completing your morning commute or taking a road trip.

Vehicle history reports, which include providers like CARFAX® and AutoCheck, provide deep insight into the history of the car you’re thinking about buying. Some of the insights they can provide include mileage validation, accident and repair history, how many previous owners the car had, and previous registration statuses. Usually, all you need is the car’s VIN, and we provide those reports on many of our used cars.

Certified Pre-Owned Nissan cars, trucks, and SUVs are guaranteed to be thoroughly inspected, up-to-date on service, and in good condition. All Certified Pre-Owned Nissans on our lot are younger than six years old, with fewer than 80,000 miles under the hood. They also have to pass a comprehensive 167-point inspection, so you’ll know you’re buying a car you can trust.

A Wider Variety of Used Cars

Nissan vehicles line up

While it might not be obvious, there’s a wider variety of used cars available than new cars. Each year, manufacturers like Nissan release a limited number of new models. If you widen your search to include used vehicles, you’ll immediately find a much greater variety of models, styles, trim levels, and more. Plus, with the savings you’ll get from buying a used car, you can upgrade the trim level to include nicer amenities, like leather seats or heated steering wheels that you wouldn’t be able to afford with a new car!

Buy a Used Nissan for Sale in Wilsonville

Whether you’re looking for a solid commuter car like the Nissan Rogue, a work truck like the Nissan Frontier, or whatever else, you can probably find it at Tonkin Wilsonville Nissan! We’ve got a wide selection of used and new Nissan cars that our sales team will be happy to show you when you visit. Get pre-approved for a loan online, so our finance team can give you a great deal on the car of your dreams! Come by and see us, give us a call, or shop online today!

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