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Why Buy Used at Ron Tonkin Wilsonville Nissan?

Why Buy Used Tonkin Wilsonville Nissan

Why Buy Used?

For various circumstances, such as poor mileage, the latest fuel-saving technologies, and the notorious new car scent, there are individuals in the community who only believe in owning the newest model of a vehicle. There are, however, a lot of benefits to purchasing a used car or SUV from our Wilsonville Nissan dealership, near Portland and Tigard, Oregon. To find out what our used Nissan SUVs and cars have to give you, check out the details we have below at Tonkin Wilsonville Nissan!

Lower Cost & Insurance

It’s no mystery that used cars are less expensive than new cars depending on the make and model. When buying a used car, this is a big advantage. This results in reduced monthly expenses and lowers down payments. This is where shopping for a used car vs. accounting for a new one will be a lot more enjoyable. Purchasing a used SUV or used car at our Nissan dealership could offer the same budget that will get you something much fancier and better fitted. Used car insurance premiums are usually lower than new car insurance rates, notably for the same model. With that being said, lower insurance rates allow you to save more money each month.


Depreciation reduces the worth of a vehicle over time. The longer a vehicle is powered, serviced, and used, the lower its resale value becomes. Depreciation does not come as easily in a used vehicle. Since a used car is already used, the first drive off the lot has no bearing on its worth.

Hopefully, this has clarified much of the advantages of purchasing a used car. We are able to support buyers in locating the best-used car for them at Tonkin Wilsonville Nissan. Visit our dealership to take a test drive in one of our many pre-owned Nissan SUVs and Nissan cars. For more information contact us today and be sure to check out all of our pre-owned vehicles we have available!

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Used Vehicles?

Why should you buy a used car, truck, or SUV?

Buying a used car, truck, or SUV can be a great investment where you can get your money’s worth from a good deal, especially when you buy a quality car like a Nissan. Here at Tonkin Wilsonville Nissan, we offer a wide selection of pre-owned Nissan and other pre-owned vehicles.

Do used vehicles have a warranty?

Absolutely, yes! There are many ways your used car, truck, or SUV can be covered by a warranty. Some used buyers can capitalize on a used car’s warranty if the vehicle has been sold before the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. We can also offer you an existing warranty or a new special warranty to cover more time.

How is the depreciation on used vehicles?

Any new car loses much of its original value once it leaves the lot. A benefit of buying a used car is that its value is already at a steady level and will continue to remain the same over time.

Is financing an option when buying a used car, truck, or SUV?

Used car buyers have a better chance of getting approved for financing because they are priced lower than new vehicles. New cars that are priced higher require a higher loan amount, whereas used cars are cheaper and require a lower loan amount. Regardless of if you have a low credit score, you can speak with our financial experts to assist you and help you get approved. Our financial experts will help you get the best options available for your next car, truck, or SUV.

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