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Google ★★★★★ October 24 2020

Megan Crawford

Smooth and effortless process. I just bought a new Nissan Frontier and Michelle and Tim went above and beyond. They matched my lowest quote and were very prompt and made the process totally painless. I love my new truck and I’m super happy with the experience. I totally recommend!

Cars ★★★★★ October 14 2020

Happy Customer

They did a great job! We came in with a broken car and we were able to trade it in and get a great replacement!!

Google ★★★★★ October 13 2020

Ricky Gibson

Yesterday I took my Maxima in because my key fobs disconnected, and there was a recall on a part. They greeted me with a smile, were very upfront with me about the wait time (two days) and immediately offered a loaner car. I was in and out in 10 minutes with no issues at all. On the same day, I took my wife’s car (Honda Odyssey) into Honda across the bride. It was having problems with the back door latch (under warranty). I was immediately met with a bill of $150 just to look at it. They said it might not be covered under warranty, so they will probably have to charge. I had to fight to get a loaner car, and was told it would be a few hours. Thank got a call an hour later saying it will be a day or two. The difference in how it was all handled was incredible. You could tell that the management at Nissan gives their employees the tools and autonomy necessary to take care of their clients. It’s never fun to have to take your car in to be serviced, but the fine folks at Nissan made it painless.

Google ★★★★★ October 11 2020

Ashley Nordstrom

I called to see if they had an opening on a Saturday because my Nissan Xterra front wheel censor need calibrating and they were able to get me in right away. I thought while i was there i needed to get my oil changed and they were extremely accommodating. Upon arrival they notify me that i had a recall on my air bags and they were able to get that accomplished as well. Extremely happy customer and had wonderful customer service.

Google ★★★★★ October 11 2020

Courtney Lunsford

As far as car sales men go Rick was decent and didn't jerk me around on the price. He was personable and easy going. I got a good car at below market price and got a deal on it. I am overall very satisfied with my purchase here today

Cars ★★★★ October 9 2020


Allison Evans was fantastic! She went above and beyond to make the buying experience pleasant. No overly pushy salesman vibe (helpful, but persistent).I went to two Ron Tonkin dealerships. A more typical sales person vibe at the other dealership. Both dealerships told us that the sticker price is "as is" at Ron Tonkin, they don't mark their cars down. We even walked away and went and visited another dealership to test another vehicle. They didn't try and negotiate with us or try and get us to stay. However, since then, my girlfriend just finished buying a car from Ron Tonkin and talked them down on the sticker price (btw, both used vehicles), so I took a star off for that reason. We live 30+ minutes from the dealership and ended up having the lift kit removed from the Jeep we were buying and put onto the Jeep we are now selling. Allison was fantastic at facilitating giving us a rental car and then dropping off both vehicles for us, so that we didn't have to make this long drive. Josh the manager, after I had already verbally agreed to buy the vehicle, agreed to swap out the Lift at his Labor Rate (cost). It was less expensive to grab the parts off of my original Jeep than buy new parts (since they had already tossed them). Josh also gave us pricing advice on how much extra we should be able to get out of a "lifted Jeep". I appreciate him working with me, to make the overall purchase a happy experience. Overall, it was a nice experience to not have to wrangle over price. Though, I now wonder if we paid a premium, based on my friend talking them down. If you go to Ron Tonkin in Wilsonville, I would highly recommend working with Allison!

Google ★★★★★ October 4 2020

David Thomas

Great transaction. met with other dealers and got the runaround and took too long to get to a solid price. Walked in, told them what I wanted and got the best price with no back and forth. Took delivery and love my new Leaf.

Google ★★★★★ September 30 2020

Yanara Tejerano

Jay Palacio made shopping for a car an easy process. He was thorough every step of the way. I would highly recommend buying a car from him.

Cars ★★★★★ September 19 2020


Their costumer service was so good, very friendly and helps you get the car you want it on very good deal, much mahalo James Palacio on your good service🤙

Google ★★★★★ September 16 2020

Amanda Sawyer

The team did such a wonderful job helping me get into a new-to-me car! If you are on the fence of which dealership to go to, I highly recommend working with them! Michelle and Tim were fantastic. :)

Google ★★★★★ September 14 2020

Jordan Herron

EVERYONE at Tonkin Wilsonville Nissan was very helpful and knowledgeable about their vehicles. Every question was answered quickly and I felt very comfortable trading in two of my current vehicles for two beautiful new rides. I would highly recommend seeing them if you are looking to get a new (or used) vehicle. The process is stress free and very fast.

Google ★★★★★ September 9 2020

Heather Mcnee

Sean and Michelle were the absolute best to work with, they made sure I was happy and worked with me to get the price I wanted. It was my first time buying a car in 14 years and it was really the best experience, and I felt very comfortable. I had looked at other Nissan dealerships and this one was by far the best, no questions. I will recommend Tonkin Nissan to anyone looking to buy a car for sure!

Cars ★★★★★ September 6 2020

Liz The Ii

This is the second car purchase experience of my life and it went smoothly. Everyone was super friendly, the explained every step and listened to my preferencesthrough out the process.